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God and the Govt.

Posted by virtualkumar on February 22, 2010

God and Govt: both seems to be a invisible phenomenon, presence of both is based on the faith of the believer.

Very Common Ques arose..

What is Govt?
Where is God?

Here is a thought to simplify it, i got it while i was riding across the great traffic of Delhi on my bike:

You stop on a cross road seeing a Red Light.

Light is Yellow now


Light turns Green…

here we go… vroooooooommmmm


on a messy crowded and rushy Cross road who saves you from other vehicle by stopping them by Red Light, the answer is Govt…

now considering the fact of over 10% Red light jump happens everyday…

So, who is the saviour for you who keeps you away from being victim of those 10% , the answer is God…

So next time when you stop at red Light,,,

Remember being thankful towards Govt for civilised vehicles.

and be happy

that God is with You!!!


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India, We The People: We Can Accept Pissing in Public but Not Kissing in Public

Posted by virtualkumar on July 4, 2009

Few weeks back I’ve had a very good conversation with Eshita. Eshita is one of rare girl having THAT Rare combo, (Ok m not writing more). She used to participate in various social events and discussion panels as an active intellectual Indian citizen.  She is very well abreast with all the happenings in our society, and a big News Buff like me, and really very concerned about the happenings in our surroundings. And definitely have some fair and honest thoughts and vision on them.

Though we chat in very light mood and started almost from normal banter but after some time I realize what she was saying made a good sense. I could scribe only about the caonverstaion here, but then it wd hold almost all of  my points only there, making it little bit biased, so I thought to publish the entire conversation in almost its raw form. Audience is free to take their decision, and I’d love to see a healthy discussion here in the panel over the issue.

In fact it was group Conversation, Gaurav also participated in the conversation and actively worked as catalyst,


Me:[12:22 AM]: ohh isne humare Pyaar ka

Me:[12:22 AM]: Public Demo nahi dkeha shayd Orkut pe

Eshita : : public demonstration of pyar!!!

Me:[12:26 AM]: PDA

Eshita : : OMG

Me:it was up on Orkut

Eshita : : no no…not good

Me : for almost one and half month

Me: no we censored some

Eshita : : u know kissing in public can attract a fine of 500 INR…

Eshita : : i know

Me: we censored some of them

Eshita : :

Me:[12:27 AM]: but that i was nt aware of

Me:[12:27 AM]: 500INR

Eshita : : how do u know abt PDA?

Me: y?

Eshita : : gauri to sharma rahi hai….

Me:[12:27 AM]: PDA mein kya hai

Me:[12:28 AM]: but ye 500 INR kai fine ka kya chakkar hai

Eshita : : police can fine u for indecency….

Me:[12:28 AM]: ye kab hua?

Me:[12:28 AM]: i dnt think so…

Me:[12:29 AM]: if there is any such rule

Eshita : : u think wrongly my frnd…

Me:[12:29 AM]:i m nt aware of

Me:[12:30 AM]: rmember that

Eshita : : now u know na

Me:[12:30 AM]: Richard Gere + Shilpa shetty event

Eshita : : aur waise b PDA mat kiya karo

Me:[12:30 AM]: no such law ma’am

Me:[12:31 AM]: thts wrong

Eshita : : there is

Me:[12:31 AM]: haan PDA is nt gud for ur own

Eshita : : there ws a court case against them

Me:[12:31 AM]: bcos we as ppl

Eshita : : if u hv forgotten…

Me:[12:31 AM]: that come in thr favor

Me:[12:32 AM]: we as a society are nt prepared o accept this

Eshita : : nahi PDA mat karo plzzzzzzzzzz… meri gauri behna ki izzat se mat khelo….

Me:[12:33 AM]: nahi humne ghar pe hi foto le ke

Me:[12:33 AM]: orkut oe publish kiya tha

Me:[12:34 AM]:

Eshita : : ye kya hai?

Me:[12:34 AM]: padho

Eshita : : bata do na…

Me:[12:35 AM]: public kissing by married couple

Me:[12:35 AM]: is not act of obscenity

Me:[12:36 AM]: and cann t be reason to hold them

Gaurav: [12:36 AM]:

Eshita : : by MARRIED COUPLE!

Gaurav:kitna bolte ho yaar tum dono

Eshita : : that a diff issue all tog

Me:[12:36 AM]: Just an affectionate light kiss is no big deal though many many Indians will not do so in public.

Me:[12:36 AM]: read the story

Eshita : : PDA by adults, not married is what we were talking i guess

Me:[12:37 AM]: it refers to tht case also

Eshita : : the married couple ruling came wen the majnu case happened…

Gaurav:bhai n behan log..

Eshita : : uske baad ek married couple ko b pakda gaya tha

Gaurav:jab iska faisla ho jaye to batana

Eshita : : then the ruling ws passed…

Me:[12:37 AM]: However just clinging on and long smooches as done in the west is certainly a no no

Me:[12:38 AM]: see act of obscenity in public is banned

Me:[12:38 AM]: that makes passerby feels bad

Me:[12:38 AM]: or watever

Eshita : : ya

Me:[12:39 AM]: so now

Me:[12:39 AM]: it become a social matter

Me:[12:39 AM]: rather than Legal

Eshita : : so even a guying peeing @ roadside is obsene hence it ws also raised that it shd be banned or fined..


Me:[12:39 AM]: now it depends on the society how much they can sustain

Me:[12:40 AM]: exactly

Eshita : : bt to have a definite social matter u need legal lines drawn clearly enough…

Me:[12:40 AM]: but that has got a complete social acceptance

Eshita : : *matter nahi order…

Me:[12:40 AM]: our law seems to be very fussy on this

Eshita : : no seeing one perspective, and saying its accepted socially is wrong

Eshita : : ask the gals who pass by…

Me:[12:41 AM]: but then there is no one who raised a voice so far

Me:[12:41 AM]: and moreover

Eshita : : who passing by, cant raise their eyes in fright of getting weird looks from other passers bys too…

Me:[12:42 AM]: even they also accept the same if its there guy

Eshita : : voices have been raiised

Eshita : : bt have not been heard…

Me:[12:42 AM]: agn as u said

Eshita : : in delhi atleast there has been a lot of discussion on nothing fruitful is ever done

Eshita : : thanks to the male chauvanist pigs @ center / state politics…

Me:[12:43 AM]:”who passing by, cant raise their eyes in fright of getting weird looks from other passers by”   it means society already accepted that fact as not obscene that y You are frightened to raise a voice

Me:[12:43 AM]: Yea i completly agree with u

Eshita : : and hence there is an NGO in delhi, that sticks posters and paints the walls of places with God figurines…

Me:[12:44 AM]:for bein a Male Chauvanist society

Eshita : : to prevent the same

Me:[12:44 AM]: Now in the same way if a couple kissing on road side

Eshita : : no frightened to raise a vooice I am not…neither is anyone else, bt the abuse…i presume u hv never walked with a gal…

Eshita : : never dropped any gal home etc…

Me:[12:45 AM]: u can very well go n raise the alarm as u very well know we are living in a Love less society that wants a complete denial of Love in any form

Me:[12:45 AM]: and u know People around u support u in that

Eshita : : u r living in denial of the facts..thats it….

Eshita : : its not a denial of love…

Eshita : : its just that in India we wanna keep our kids away from the 3 letter S word..

Me:[12:46 AM]: i think u r getting it wrong

Eshita : : and hence try and become so overprotective…

Eshita : : u got it wrong…

Me:[12:47 AM]: thts wat m i saying ma’am

Me:[12:47 AM]: i fully agree with u

Me:[12:47 AM]: i’m supporting u so far

Me:[12:47 AM]: if u read it all once again plz

Me:[12:48 AM]: exactly m sayin the same

Me:[12:49 AM]: we r living in a country

Eshita : : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Eshita : : ab poora kaun padhega

Eshita : :

Me:[12:49 AM]: which is havin so Tabboo about this 3 letter S word

Eshita : :

Me:[12:50 AM]: that we accept pissing in public but not kissing

[12:53 AM]:

Eshita : : oooh…

Eshita : : ya…true…

Me:[12:53 AM]: wat true?

Eshita : : the last line

Eshita : : its true

Eshita : : 100%

Me:[12:57 AM]: yea i knw u lv tht

Eshita : : ya i did

Eshita : : grt thought

Me:[12:58 AM]:haan thoda rhyming sa hai

Me:[12:58 AM]: marketing wali line

Eshita : : wll remember this…

Me:[12:58 AM]: Punch line sort of

Me:[12:59 AM]: yea so u can use tht in ur next discussion

Eshita : :

Eshita : : hmmmmmm…


Author’s Commentary: For the issue of pissing on road, I do understand the fact that in India where almost over 50% population still depend on the Natural resources for their Natural Needs, Its not at all possible to declare it offensive neither legally nor socially it would be acceptable but at the same time I’m very well convinced we can do it at some extent in urban India. Well for openness for love I’m again convinced that we are living in society having complete denial of Love. And that is all together another big issue not only nation-wide but world-wide.

Eshita Commentary: Well, there is a law against PDA and I know that there is! It was amended to exempt married couples after a couple was harassed by police one night, soon after operation Majnu. Now about the pissing part. Once my ideal, Dr. Kiran Bedi said that pissing is a nuisance but then u don’t see a lady/a girl sitting along roadside pissing. She added that it’s because girls from the very beginning of their lives are inculcated restraint and taught to accept. According to me, a gal who has travelled to and fro the busiest of places in NCR and seen most beautiful to the most deadly parts of Delhi, I know the pissing act is a way used by men high or low, rich or poor to show off that they are men. To assert a sense of dominance that look we are men, we have a right to everything, even roads!!! I have had personal experiences, of which you need not feel amused abt, using the pretext of nature’s call men try and scrape off all threads of dignity of girls passing by. If you try giving them bad looks, they smile wickedly, raise an eye brow, wink or mouth provoking words.

Men!!!! All kinds…such kinds that you want to pull them off and castrate there and then, when you have no one on your side. Police won’t move –‘men you see’… your friends would pass it ignoring – ‘kya panga lena yaar, udhar mat dekh; chal…’ and the enjoying fellow passers will turn their faces away as if they saw nothing…The result??? Well the result is that there are thousands of girls being teased in the country using this pissing shit.

Moving ahead and slapping is not easy Varun. You need guts, an urge to fight down and even more than that you need a backup! Society accepts it, coz in time it has learnt to turn a back to it or is just too busy to bother. And for the roadside pissing men, well they forget the same pavement is going to home someone at night. They release and walk away, without responsibility without guilt.


* You can also See her view and conclusion for the same discussion on her blog here…

Hope you have got the point, I did not stress on any of the issue but I kept it open for all of you to think.

Disclailmer: Before publishing the post I have acquired all the NOCs from al the concerned people.

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Obama’s Kiling : What FLY it should be?

Posted by virtualkumar on June 18, 2009

On 16th of June during an interview OBAMA killed a fly, and it become a big issue worldwide, draws attention of the entire world, caused a number of Criticism and comments over internet and various actions including some outcry from PETA.

I just saw it from a different perspective.

Just thought what if we can name this FLY, what wd be your pick. do poll.

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Web 3.0: an introduction

Posted by virtualkumar on June 12, 2009

I’ve BORROWED this article directly from, with almost no change

web 3.0 vs web 2.0

Web 1.0 – That Geocities & Hotmail era was all about read-only content and static HTML websites. People preferred navigating the web through link directories of Yahoo! and dmoz.

Web 2.0 – This is about user-generated content and the read-write web. People are consuming as well as contributing information through blogs or sites like Flickr, YouTube, Digg, etc. The line dividing a consumer and content publisher is increasingly getting blurred in the Web 2.0 era.

Web 3.0 – This will be about semantic web (or the meaning of data), personalization (e.g. iGoogle), intelligent search and behavioral advertising among other things.

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Love Actually : a Mathematical proof that it makes U universal…

Posted by virtualkumar on June 4, 2009

To start with, some times ago one of my friend once asked me that she did not like the concept of FALLiNG in Love, and why it’s called FaLLing…

And now just  last week i got another of my friend discussing similar thing, and then while explaining her i just got this Noble mathematical expression that actually prooves that Love makes u equivalent to entire Universe, that is you almost  become The Omnipresent.

There is a ‘I’ in every human being, his or her ‘I’ is his or her Ego, and believe me its the most difficult thing to negate. And also its not possible so, since this Ego works as an attrction force within oneself to keep oneself as an unique identifiable entity. So with this ‘I’ or ego we create a virtual wall surrounding us to keep us apart from the rest of the world.

when 2 persons are in Love, then there is no U and I left, and actually a fusion takes place between ‘I’s of  both of them, and that compels it to get dissolved into one ‘I’.

and it happen when we lower that Wall of ‘I’ of each other for each other, this lowering of Wall of Ego is Fall of one’s Ego, that’s why this is called ‘Fall in Love’ actually its Fall of I in Love.

now if we see it from a mathematical perspective 

i lowered my I to ‘i’

My Love too lowered his/her I into ‘i’

and now by the virtue of Love, ours ‘i’ get disloved into one ‘i’

writing it in mathematical form

i + i = i

=> 2i = i

=> i =0

i.e. ‘i’ become Zero, a Shoonya

Now as we know in India where the actual concept of Shoonya got derived, Shoonya actually represents Nothing but entire space or Univerese.


And that;s why Love is a Divine feeling that makes a human being equivalent to The OmniPresent.


Hope you like this theory, though its completly open…


And now i keyed in this blog for one of my Friend, hope he or she’ll get what i want to tell him or her…


And also Hope all of you are now agree to Fall in Love, not asking for Rise in it… 


Come Fall in Love…

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Bing : A new Suggestive(???) Search Engine from MS

Posted by virtualkumar on June 3, 2009

Here is another new product from Microsoft to handle Google

A new SUGGESTIVE Search Engine from MS. As MS claims it does not only search the result on Web, it’ll help you to make decision on them.

I did a small experiment and here are the results comparing both.

Search Term



HCL Technologies

first four results are same

first four results are same

Mathematical Expression


Google returns only Answer + a Link to search for Doc

MS returns a calculation + Search result at the same time


Google first link is NEWS about it and 2nd onward lots of Link to various Google Apps

MS has only one result saying Most Popular result, having link to all Major Google Apps


Here is a big catch Google’s first result is Home page of

On the entire first page of result, MS Bing cud not place it self as a top result. he he he…

how to embed youtube video

Seems goggle results are more useful to me, but then I’ve signed in from my a/c, and Google do have my Search Preferences

Some of them are very specific to wordpress.

Australia: racial attack on indians

We cant compare it correctly, but still it seems Google results are more relevant

what is the biggest star in the universe

Almost same result, both of them even too give the same link of article as first result.

Results are almost similar but then where is the MS Claim of being Suggestive, I was expecting an NLP and a simple answer to my query

Ox vs Bull

In first 5 result you’ll get all what you want to know

MS did very Poor job here, not a single Result on first page can give you what you are actually looking for.

Presuming U as a Googler, what’s your opinion about your usage of Bing


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Blurred Reality: where we are leading to…

Posted by virtualkumar on June 14, 2008

Blurred Reality: where we are leading to…

Indian idol, Roadies, Get Gorgeous …

Big-B’s blog, Aaj-Tak sabse tez,

Gay Marriage, wii-fit, i-Phone,

13 goes 19, Living relationship, starter marriage,

Orkut, Wiki, Web2.0 and above all roaring Google…

We are leading towards a world of blurred reality in an open source Virtual word. Where it’s difficult to find out what’s real, what’s virtual or one more category what’s made to be look like real.

13 is directly becoming 19, 50 looks like 30, yesterday’s no-one is sitting beside celebrities being celebrity themselves with the reality TV shows that are producing a whole new bunch of celebrities no matter if it’s only 15 min of stardom. Art is blending with commerce resulting products integrated with entertainment in search of Manu-Ranjan ka Baap. At the same time celebrities are not remain some out of world thing, hard to approach, they themselves are coming to there fans and directly facing them in the virtual world. Big B’s blog become a national issue, and Amir had to apologies King Khan.

We are probably not aware of what’s going on in neighborhood, but we can recognize all the members of Virani family at once of all the 5 or 6 generations.

News channel itself are selling what people want to see, they are one who are now the biggest share holder of this trend where NEWS is now fully integrated with entertainment. NEWS is what people like to see, it’s not what’s happening around.

Marketing of product got a new trend of selling rudeness – no matter if it’s fake – openly. Seeing someone acting humbly is no more captivating and engrossing. Nowadays people reckon that more you behave impolitely and woodenly than more stylish you are…Young generation feel elated when Rakhi Sawant behave rudely and talk ungraciously with interviewer. Despite of all the criticism and negative comments Rakhi Sawant and Himesh Reshmiya have their market and they know how to sell this image, same as SRK who knows very well that his akkhadpana is a hot property to sell and he is selling it. No matter whether it’s open internal fight between judges of reality shows or blunt Raghu in MTV Roadies. Thing is not only selling rudeness, its also a part of bringing virtual world of TV and media – where earlier everything was very ideal, well censored, and gentle – near to not so ideal and gentle real world where we can find Shambhavi and Ashutosh on ROAD easily.

You can never be sure about the person’s age and gender sitting on the other end of terminal in the virtual world. And now a day you can see an eager enthusiasm in kids entering in their early teens to be big, and they are imitating elder if not in real world then in virtual world. They are playing a deciding role in marketing as taking a new role of being decision maker in household products. Socially genders are mixing and sexuality itself is blurred now with various options available in sexual orientation. Marriage is no more a STRAIGHT matter. Marriage itself as an institution is under scan. Live-in relationship is no more a taboo. Commitment is being the last thing now and we are now keeping all our options open before stepping into it. Very soon we’ll be seeing a new type of marriage starter marriage a slightly modified form of contract marriage.

This gender blending is leading towards one more revolution, the empowerment of female at social level and swapping responsibilities of parents at house hold level. With both of the couple is earning and engaged in their official assignment, parenting will be slightly changed, and growing a child is now equally shared by both, and probability is not less that it gets fully reversed.

Have a look in tech world also. The hottest selling piece of cake in the world of gizmo geeks – iPhone – is continually trying to make user interface so enriched to give user a complete VR feeling where his a personal touch is everywhere on the gizmo. At the same time these manufacturers are innovating more and more powerful applications to embed in cell-phone to make it one point gateway to enter in digital world and providing all computing power in your palm. And if you look at latest talk of the town in Gaming world – Wii-FiT – it now broke the wall between virtual world and real world, its enriched VR environment that completely changes the gaming experience and made it a serious business blended with fun. So now Joy of gaming in Virtual world is simulated with real world’s old outdoor sport in term of physical work-out, one of the greatest concerns in Gen-X day’s intellectuals.

And now the biggest invention of this century GOOGLE, the company that converted a misspelled word into a well recognized verb, empowered by latest WEB2.0 and its by-product Wiki and various social networking site. At one side, these social networking sites are providing people a virtual world and a well masked virtual id, where we feel our self more secure and open at the same time increasing our social circle by meeting and talking people world wide. On the other hand WEB2.0 enabled user world wide to access, edit and create information – that is eventually fetched by Google to the world. In both the cases one thing is surely missing that is authentication and reality. We are not sure about the reality of person in your social network and there is currently no full proof solution to authenticate the info, bloggers are blogging world-wide 24×7.

We’ve started being befuddled in reality and fakery. But as a consumer we are currently able to manage it, not only manage we are looking forward for a new world where boundary between real and virtual will be very vague. Things will be no more binary, we’ll step into fuzzy state. And this is where reality will become blurred reality…

WelCome to Virtual World, WelCome to Borrowed Thought…

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Hello world!

Posted by virtualkumar on June 13, 2008


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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